One more feather in al-Manār Cap

02 Jan

First issue of monthly Newsletter in Urdu launched in Srinagar
Al-Manār launched its first issue of Urdu colored Newsletter, al-Manār here in Srinagar, Kashmir on 2nd January 2013. On this occasion Dr. Muhammad Ashraf, PRO of al-Manār told that this Newsletter will serve as an official organ of al-Manār Muslim Foundation Jammu and Kashmir, which is a registered institution in the State. Being on-line official mouthpiece of this educational and Da’wah institution it has focused on various subjects which makes it a complete piece of publication. 

news-website-web-2-0-newspaper-iconDOWNLOAD HERE
al-Manar Newsletter Vol 1, No. 1, Jan 2013

The two-page Newsletter has an editorial on its first page at right hand side and tagged, against convention, as Manār al-Tariq. The editorial of this maiden issue discusses the Da’wah scenario in Kashmir and criticizes the mere Da’wah activism of younger generation. It also throws light on the need of al-Manār and its Newsletter in present times. 
To the adjacent of the editorial a thought provoking piece tagged as Qalam Tarash on education and its overall structure highlights the shortcomings of Muslim educational institutions and their syllabus. The bottom piece of the first page portrays in brief the life sketch of great Da’i and teacher of Kashmir, Mawlana Abd al-Rahman Nuri (d. 1978 AC). The piece is tagged as Paysh Raw.
The second page of the Newsletter covers news about al-Manār and its different divisions. An article on Maryam Jamilah (d. 2012 AC) provides an introduction of this great Da‘iyyah and her works. To the left of the Article there is a collection of saying of different scholars of Islam—both from Kashmir and outside world. At the bottom of the Newsletter al-Manār has replied few questions and thanked people who put their suggestions to the al-Manar through its website, To the adjacent of these letters we come across with a book review on tafhim al-Ajurrumiyyah printed and published by al-Manār Research Institute few months back.
Dr. Muhammad Ashraf has expressed his satisfaction over the successful launch of the Newsletter. He has further stated that this Newsletter has nothing to do with other magazines and journals published some fifty years before from different places of the world under the same title. He has further requested that those who want to contribute to this Newsletter can send their write-ups along with their colored passport size photocopy on email or postal addresses of the Newsletter.
The Newsletter has been published by Br. Muhammad Yaqub Kak on behalf of al-Manār Muslim Foundation, Srinagar.

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