Al-Manār Charitable Centre

13 Jun

Help us to help others, Al-Manar.

Al-Manār Charitable Centre
This Centre is run by the Foundation and is headed by the Director (Mudīr). The main aims of this Centre are:
1. To assist the financially poor and socially downtrodden sections of the society;
2. To provide interest free educational and health loans (Qarḍ-i-Ḥasanah) to the needy;
3. To extend relief operations in case of accidents, natural calamities and other mishaps.

Works in Progress
Presently, the Centre mainly provides the poor students with the school books, uniform and other necessary items. For last ten years the Centre has adopted some local poor children and is taking care of their academic needs. Tuition fee along with other charges of these students are wholly paid by the Centre. There is a regular check from the Foundation to ensure the proper use of these funds. Furthermore, the students are also given an additional copy of the syllabus (specially designed for these children, comprised of selected portions from the Qur’an, ‘Aqidah and other Islamic Sciences) which they are supposed to study at home or at a local Madrasah. After proper examination and evaluation of the student, the scholarship is either continued for a year further or discontinued if the examiners are not satisfied.

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